Officially certified medical pedicure in Voorburg, The Hague and its environs

My name is Inna Koretska and I am originally Ukrainian. I have been living in the Netherlands since 2008 and I am an officially certified medical pedicure.

In the past I have been working in other sectors, but I have always been interested in healthcare. Thanks to the advice of a good acquaintance who is a pedicure and beautician, I was inspired at the time and eventually chose to opt for that beautiful profession of (medical) pedicure.

It is often forgotten that healthy feet are very important for a generally healthy body. Feet bear the human weight. It is therefore important to take good care of your feet. For these reasons, I have opted for pedicure training to make this my profession.

I found the pedicure training so interesting that I immediately started the medical pedicure training after graduating.

You go to a pedicure to have your feet taken care of. To have any pain complaints remedied and to have nice well-kept feet. After a pedicure treatment the feet must feel nice and light. Feet in excellent condition! That's how I got my company name “Pedicure Pes Optimus” (Latin for “best foot”).